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Acrylic Topcoat

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Product Information

UV-resistant surface layer of light oil to the surface of fast drying oil, and can be effective against ultraviolet rays,
Crystal nails will not let the sun or ultraviolet light and pale, so that your work is more bright colors, shine.



Toluene; Acrylates Copolymer; n-Butyl Acetate; 2,5-thiophenediylbis

How to use:

Anti-UV light oil, can be effective against UV rays, allowing you to create the same yellow nail.
(For crystal nails / gel nails / nail polish color top)
* When used in a manual: A surface after polishing and trimming, the rub on this product, wait 1-2 minutes after
  Can then wipe again.
* When used in the upper color nail polish: nail polish dry and then wipe the need to wait for this product, drying time
  About 1-2 minutes, let a surface showing a high degree of shine.