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Pure Color Nail Brush Flower (Flat)

Model : #4

Market price : US $ 7.50

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1 PIECE US$6.80
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Product Information

When the nail in the production of crystal, crystal powder and solvent are the main raw material, Pure Color Pure Color Crystal nail brush is the best production tools. Sable solvent and abrasion resistant properties, and excellent flexibility and Tippy cohesion, can be used to pick the solvent and crystal powder, apply a defined crystal in real nail and nail.

#04/ US$  6.8
#06/ US$ .9,0
#08/ US$11.3



Sable, gold aluminum, transparent resin rod taper yellow dried flowers
Packaging: Single pen cap, PET unilateral cylinder + Hesse

How to use:

Wool is the soul of crystal nail brush, pure color (Pure Color) series used in all Acura Siberian mink, Tippy tip shape and nail by the American hierarchy rigorous testing to ensure the smooth operation, solid and solvent, whether individuals making crystal nails, Valet or professional nail production, this series is absolutely essential superb!

Brush the overall elegant shape, and meet the operational point of view, not only the top of Taiwan's leading products, even in the United States, Pure Color Crystal nail brush is typical!

Other notes:
1. A Taiwan users are more accustomed to using flat brush.
2.brush after use, soak in the wash pen your solution, to facilitate cleaning.