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15ml US$32.10
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Product Information


1. withthe extension ofafunctionofPolyplastic, close to the trueAfeature!
2. certification by SGS Poly plastic, free of heavy metals and environmental hormones,pregnant women can safelyuse!
3 patented brush, not only to facilitate a conservation real color, can be used simultaneously or extension ofapaintedoutlineaction!
4 In addition to using traditional UV lamp, it can use new technology to the industry LED light therapy lamp! Makeyou more productive!
5 full range Poligel Poly plastic lamps will not turn yellow! Automatic smoothing of the best!

How to use:

Fixed agent, coated with UV light gel bake about 1 minute, then wipe in addition to glue.
Resurrection: Resurrection of liquid foam about 4 to 5 minutes to soften, push the drop deformation