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Before ordering please read the following matters:

Shipping / freight Notes   Note before ordering   Note after ordering   Shipping & Returns

Freight shipments

  • Order Status and TrackingFor small orders with weight under 100KG, we suggest you choose express, such as EMS, FEDEX, TNT and DHL. These are currently rated as the top delivery companies in the world, with a shipping period of only two days as the shortest while no longer than five or six days.

     All the products can be safely shipped to customers. However, Hong Kong Post and China Mail are characterized by a long shipping period,

     which is seven days when quick enough and if not, fifteen or thirty days. But these two ways of shipment offer extreme low shipping fee, most suitable if you don't care about the shipping time.

    For big orders, we suggest the shipping method by normal air or by sea. The freight will be cheaper.

Before ordering Note

  • Skin care products are not medical surgery or treatment is not immediately effective, long-term use can improve your skin. If you need to quickly improve skin problems, we recommend that you seek the assistance of professional doctors.
  • The skin of each person's situation is different, different allergens, a skin care products can be applied to all skin types. If you are a sensitive skin, first on a small area in front of the ear to determine the allergic reaction and then the whole face. Skin abnormal swelling should be immediately disabled, and as soon as possible to get medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • The purchase order buyers and sellers reach a trade agreement, to complete the transaction within 7 days.
  • If you agree to our more than philosophy, and the ability to reorder the product accept NIBO rules. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Note after ordering

  • The order is completed we will send order confirmation to you within 24 hours.
  • Western Union  and T/T.transfers Note:
    We now accept PayPal, Western Union, and T/T.
  • If you choose , please use the designated account to import the total amount of orders (do not overpaid), and complete the payment within 7 days.
    To check on the ATM debit account, please you login NIBO site, click the Order Information / Payment / ATM transfer, the program will display the remittance account number and amount. Still related questions, please call us!
  • Such as defective or damaged goods in the transportation process, the receipt of the goods within 7 days for return.
  • Goods, product samples and gifts, once opened use, will not accept a replacement or return.
  • Return items postage borne by the buyer, unless the product is defective damaged, defective damaged product Return postage is our burden (defective damaged merchandise must be the date of receipt of the goods for returns).
    ※ Please keep your username and password to protect your rights,, NIBO website will be based on the username and password identified membership, complete the exercise of the rights and interests of member all transactions in NIBO website, as well as accumulate points. If you suspect that your password may be leaked immediately to the "Member Center" to update your information. Apprehension of any lost or stolen, you should immediately notify the NIBO site so as not to harm your interests. Can be attributable to the leakage of their username and password in the membership of the reasons, resulting in loss of membership or some other legally responsible, the loss or liability by the members own.

Goods returned

  • To handle returns, please call customer service staff to apply.
  • Manual operation of non-return of merchandise defects, and refund amount will be deducted $ 100 processing fee
Replacement principle:
  • 7 days after receipt of the goods, such as product defects caused by any non-human can be required to apply to replacement with new.
  • Receipt of goods more than 7 days, will not be accepted replacement.
  • Shipping errors or product defects caused by the replacement situation; the shipping back and forth from NIBO burden.
  • For replacement, please inform the customer service center, if the consumer fails to notify the call center, while their merchandise return, the Company will not be afraid to accept. Logistics costs borne by the consumer.
  • Confirm, then download the Return application form, complete and E-mail to [email protected].
  • When returning, please confirm the integrity of the mail items and return the company to successfully complete the return procedures.
    P.O.BOX: 299296
  • Need to return items: Inside and outside of the product packaging
    Gifts / tryout
    Returns copy of the application
    Purchase order
    Customer service to confirm receipt of the returned the returned goods is correct, we will payments returned to the designated account or will replace the goods sent.
  • The original to avoid the logistical costs of goods wish to return, the buyer must make up the logistics costs (NT/80-100 million). Logistics costs can be deducted from the refund (except for the defective product damage).
  • The refund transfer fee shall be the buyer, we will refund active excluding (except products of defective damage).
  • In order to protect the product, a box built-in to put a lot of shock material, make sure that the box product has been completely removed, then the box discarded, in order to avoid the loss of your product.
  • If you received with your order items, or the number of substandard, please call customer service contact.
  • In order to avoid the buyers and sellers dispute, all shipped image archiving of photos each photo image both on chapter, such as we provide the image that the goods item and the number of correct, while the photo image content-based.
    Defective damage definition:
    Appearance of the product is received damaged
    Receipt of the product contents leakage
    Receipt of the product over the expiration date

When we receive the merchandise, after the confirmation of the condition is correct, you will immediately apply for a replacement program.

The product itself may not be scratched or damaged, if the above happens, I can hardly handle Returns.